Frequently Asked Questions

Crypto 101

What is cryptocurrency?
What is a blockchain?
Who invented crypto?
Why are there so many different cryptocurrencies and blockchains?

Crypto Wallet Basics

What is a crypto wallet?
Why do I need a crypto wallet?
What is the difference between a crypto wallet and a cryptocurrency exchange?
What is the best crypto wallet for me?
Which crypto wallets are secure?
How to create a crypto wallet?
How to find the crypto wallet address?
How to check the crypto wallet balance?
How to buy crypto?
How to keep crypto safe?
Can a crypto wallet be hacked?

Use Your Crypto

What are NFTs?
How to buy NFTs?
How to stake crypto?
How to exchange crypto?
How to exchange crypto for cash?

Other Important Questions

When does the crypto market open and close?
Why do they call NFTs ‘overpriced jpegs’?
Is crypto bad for the environment?
What is HODLing?
What does ‘not your keys, not your crypto’ mean?